How to write a good discussion response…

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So, you’re into the discussions — and, in general, your initial posts are pretty danged good :).. but, the responses are pretty weak… so, some hints and tips for writing a more effective discussion post…

  • First of all — DO NOT just write “yep, I agree” — that’s not helpful.
  • Be very careful with phrases that mean “I feel” — feelings are real, and usually based on something — so, when you start with “I feel” — continue with “because …..” Chances are pretty good that you’ll see the “I feel” part isn’t necessary.
  • When you say “I agree” — follow it up with a clause beginning with “because” — that will further explain your position.
  • Don’t shy away from conflict or objections in your responses — that’s what’s interesting.
  • FYI — EVERYTHING above is a total of 119 words — that’s about what a good response post will be..
  • Read previous responses, and respond to those people instead of the original post.
  • Your response CAN be to a response to your OWN post — that counts too… the instructions say to another student’s post — but, that post can be in response to your own post.. convoluted to explain, but it’s the deal…
  • I’m looking for your original thoughts — that means that I want to see what else you think on the topic. So, extend your ideas a bit — push the envelope, take risks, try out ideas that you don’t believe in.. This also means that you can’t just copy and paste stuff and have it count, nor does your 100 words include the message you’re responding to — so, it’s good to put that in for context, but when I evaluate your post, I’m looking at your words, not someone else’s…
  • I’m looking for a substantial contribution to the conversation — using the “because” bit would help –that’s where the substantial part comes in.

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