More on not vaccinating… some of the finer points?

measles exemption rates by state

I’ve been reading and writing a lot about this lately– what I’m writing here is where I stand on this issue right now…

The basic point of contention is that some parents think it’s their prerogative to decline to vaccinate their children.  I’ll summarize their reasons in bullet points, you can go out and read the articles on your own if you’d like, that’s what Google is for :).

  1. Immunized kids get sick more often
  2. There are health risks from vaccines
  3. I don’t think anything “unnatural” should go into my perfect little child.
  4. There is poison in the vaccines.
  5. I don’t want big pharma making money on my kid/ the USFG to tell me what to do with my kid.
  6. We’re using “natural” methods to boost immunity.
  7. I can take care of my own sick kid…
  8. If your kid is immunized, why do you care that mine is?

So — to answer the reasons… but first, notice that there ARE no folks saying “vaccinations are against my religion” — most of the religious systems that decline most medical treatment have decided that vaccinations are permissible.  It’s POSSIBLE that the Amish have a religious argument against vaccination, but — to be blunt — the Amish aren’t on the internet, so I can’t quite figure that out from first-hand accounts.

Concerning #1 — unproven, anecdotal evidence is all that’s available for this one.

#2 — The risk of serious injury directly caused by vaccinations is very low — the most commonly cited risk is one of autism.  Autism doesn’t kill your kid, but measles does.  Also, the person who propagated the idea has said he was wrong, and his medical license has been revoked.

#3 & 4 — really, the amounts of the “poison” in the vaccinations is well under the natural limits in your child anyway — and they pass out of the body quickly — and, by the time your kid gets to kindergarten they’ll have eaten crayons, had plenty of junk food, spent way too much time in front of the TV, eaten fatty foods, consumed sugared cereal and pop etc… just you wait.

#5 — big pharma’s profits come in treating diseases, not preventing them — this objection centers on collusion between “big pharma” and the USFG.  The thing is, the USFG demands that big pharma sell doses at a loss, and give a lot of them away to developing countries…. pair this with the fact that the flu vaccine is quite cheap, while Tamiflu is a lot more expensive — and you’ll see the logic falls here.

#6 & 7 — It’s nice that you can take care of your own sick kid — are you going to do so without taking  your kid to the doctor?  Many outbreaks are spread by one sick kid in the waiting room — I have a lot more to say about this later… And, do ya really think the natural methods work?  They didn’t work when these diseases were killing hundreds of people per year — why should they work for you?  That’s why vaccines were developed…

#8 — the short answers here, the longer answers follow — I care about your kid, you’re putting your kid at risk… There is a failure rate on vaccines, so my kid might be vulnerable… some kids can’t get vaccinated because they’re too young or too sick.

In short, there are really no non-medical reasons NOT to vaccinate your kid.  There ARE some reasons kids don’t get vaccinated, but — there is a basic duty under the social contract TO vaccinate.  period.  So do it…


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